A Life That Lasts is Full of “Lasts ”

We outgrow stuff. It’s as simple as that. For even a world to last, it needs an accumulation of lasts as it grows. (Dinosaurs, anyone?) And the next “last” to go extinct, may we so delicately predict will be, “a glass of dairy milk”.


There are some lasts we ache to see – the last acre of forest destruction, the last record-high ice-melt, the last coral bleaching, the last extinction. Then there are some lasts where the very thought bruises and cuts us – the very last kiss, the last tree, bee, flower, or flamingo, real, not plastic lawn ornament.


Happily, some lasts clear space for new beginnings – last, is just the flipside of first.


Asking people to have their last glass of dairy milk ever, ends personal support of harm by farm and heralds first days of living with cruelty-free, eco-positive plant-milk.


At milkadamia we are here for trees, we are also here for soil, and we are here for celebrating the accumulating positive eco-impact of ever more people declaring their last glass of dairy milk. Which makes us curious, “What are you here for?”


Take no special note of our values – but do take special note of your own.  If you are ready for your last glass of dairy – we are ready to celebrate your “last glass” with all the enthusiasm the Olympic games muster to celebrate firsts – the difference is, this is not a game we are playing: If we gather enough people taking their last glass of dairy, all that we love will last.


This idea will become manifest in today’s social media channels, but really it is a personal decision. We are not concerned if you feel the need to broadcast it or internalize it. That’s yours. But our marketing folks put this together, bless their little hearts:

Take the milkadamia Last Glass Challenge & pour out your #LastGlassofDairyEver  Make the switch to milkadamia. It’s good for you & great for the planet.

Create and share a pic, video, or story of your #LastGlass of dairy milk and use the hashtag #milkadamia. Maybe it’s your Last Glass Last Dance! Or perhaps a Last Glass Limerick! Then @ or tag 2 (or more!) of your friends to let them know you’re ditching dairy.

We’ll pick winners (lasts) at random to get amazing stuff from our milkadamia store. #LastGlassChallenge #MooIsMoot #milkadamia

So this is the last of it. All you need to do is put the proverbial last straw in your #LastGlassOfDairyEver!